Greetings (English)

Welcome to my page, I am a Japanese who live with my 15 years old son in Canada (MB) since 2020. Started this blog as a record of my experience living in the other country. Some of categories are for the Japanese who are interested in to live overseas. And I will post about the Tips/Chips of Japan in English (will trying it) for the person who are interested in Japanese culture too.

Currently work in Canada: Kitchen at a Casual Sushi restaurant. I used to work at a sushi shop is called 小僧寿し when I was young.

Other work experiences in Osaka: Photographer of advertisement (1992-1997), Recording singer (since 2000), Hotel industry (2012-2020), etc

All the photographs included thumbnails on this blog are taken and edited by me.

Today’s picture is Tennoji, Osaka (今日の写真は、大阪・天王寺)

I hope you enjoy and get some chips and hints of Japan on this blog. Thank you!

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